Reorganizational Healing

Humbly, I will tell you that this is the most powerful and transformational work I have ever found. Period. It creates radical, sustainable changes in the nervous system - the master control system of the entire body. Techniques include Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration. Get out of pain, get your health back, stabilize your emotions, maximize your experience of life.

Life Coaching

The quality of a coach is based on two things. How big is their map for understanding you and your journey and how well can they make space for you to change. I can promise you this, i've been in pain just like you and can already see the perfection of who you are becoming. Let me help you get there.

Live Classes and Events

Emotional Mastery, Integrating Spiritual Experiences, Accessing your Archetypes. These classes are all getting rave reviews on the applicable information people are gaining to help make upgrades in their nervous system, in their minds and in their life. I'd love to share some of my wisdom with you and share on some dynamic, impactful and fun topics. Check on the facebook link at the bottom of the page to see what's coming up next!

The Story

I should be working in a factory somewhere. A super introvert of average intelligence from a small blue collar town in upstate NY. I pushed, I drove, and sweat to make it here. By the time I got to chiropractic school I was a mess. I didn't sleep, had headaches, and so much stress I had developed a muscular tic. Reorganizational Healing and Network Spinal Analysis took my broken self to where I am now. 4 college degrees, writer and editor for the Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice, speaker, coach and healer serving you here in beautiful and sunny San Diego, CA. Is it time for your turnaround? If you’ve found me, here, I believe that it is. Click here now, let me help you.

What Will You Experience?

Experiences with NSA and Reorganizational Healing

*secret* - I have a superpower and I want to share it with you.

The Wisdom

  • Sep, 25

    that ONE thing that never changes

    You know that one thing that doesn’t change? That thing that has been kicking your butt for years, maybe your whole life? Money, fear of intimacy, anger, anxiety, yeah these things. Have you ever noticed how these things keep showing up? Have you ever noticed they’re associates with a feeling? An emotion, yes, but also […]

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    Sep, 13

    The Surrender Two-Step

    “But I surrendered to this problem already, like 6 months ago!” Sound like you? You had this beautiful moment where you realized you were totally overwhelmed in your life and you gave it over to God, The Universe or whatever else you call it? What happened?  I bet you nothing happened.  That’s because surrender doesn’t […]

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  • Sep, 13

    Your Map Sucks

    The reason you have pain in any part of your life is because your map sucks.  Your “map” is how you understand reality and its based on three elements. Understanding yourself Understanding your environment and Having enough energy to make change All pain, illness and disease whether physical, relationship, business or any other domain come […]

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