You know that one thing that doesn’t change? That thing that has been kicking your butt for years, maybe your whole life? Money, fear of intimacy, anger, anxiety, yeah these things.

Have you ever noticed how these things keep showing up? Have you ever noticed they’re associates with a feeling? An emotion, yes, but also an actual somatic sensation?

Does your gut contract? Throat close? Do you want to avoid or push people away?

All of these little ass kickers have something in common, something that I bet you haven’t thought of and may be critical to resolving them.

They are all anchored in your actual physical body. Candace Pert – Nobel Laureate – said “the body is the subconscious mind.” ┬áThese things are so intense because they’re not just thoughts in our heads. These are fully integrated physical, emotional, mental experiences.

Well no wonder your affirmations (thought only) don’t work and therapy can’t touch it.

I’ll tell you what I’ve seen. When a person is ready to commit to a real change they have to BE in a new way and that “being” is anchored in your body.

The nervous system decodes our reality and translates it to our personal self. Tony Robbins says the need for a consistent self identity is the most entrenched human need.

This “thing” that isn’t changing is probably a strategy or behavior that was formed when you were really young and it was incredibly valuable at that point to avoid pain. The issue is because it is so deeply wired you’ve just kept in doing it.

It’s time to reclaim your power over this patten and pull it out at its root. Let’s get underneath it in the nervous system and plant something new in its place.

How about freedom, relief, excitement or victory. How different would your entire life be if victory replaced anxiety. Well believe me, I’ve seen it. It’s a big goddamn difference.