“But I surrendered to this problem already, like 6 months ago!”

Sound like you? You had this beautiful moment where you realized you were totally overwhelmed in your life and you gave it over to God, The Universe or whatever else you call it?

What happened?  I bet you nothing happened.  That’s because surrender doesn’t work (by itself)

So here’s why your surrender game is weak, you don’t have the whole story – you’re only doing half the dance.

I messed this up forever and I started to get worried that my “spirituality” was total crap.

I got an unexpected bill and I surrendered, for about 12 seconds.

My girlfriend said something nasty and I just let it go, for about 12 seconds.

A patient blows off their second appointment and I surrender it to God, for about 12 seconds.

Here’s the deal, surrender is not just in the moment.  Surrender is a two-step.  You surrender and then you hold that energy and trust in the not knowing, not having an answer, the not worrying UNTIL IT RESOLVES.  This is faith.

Surrender is the call to faith and no faith exists without surrender.  If you exist in the 4D (linear time) world you need both, surrender is a process.

Without faith all that great energy you invested to surrender gets eaten up by the worry, anger or distraction immediately following.  There is no energy left for the Universe to actually do something different with it.

So commit to the two-step friends.  Dance the surrender dance. It’s the critical missing link in your healing and maturation and it is the magic in life you’re looking for.